Certification & TÜV

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All fork arms are produced in accordance with ISO 2330. The standard arms with a load-bearing capacity of 12 tonnes with load hooks are manufactured in accordance with ISO/FEM1-ISO/FEM2-ISO/FEM3-ISO/FEM4 and Type A/B. We are able to certify the CE conformity of our fork arms.

An FE calculation is performed for each design produced, and this is enclosed upon purchase. The purchaser receives a test report for the reference fork arms which is issued by the in-house test facility in accordance with the TÜV standard. A continuous oscillation test with a 25 percent overload and one million load alternations are performed to this end. An overload of 4 times the nominal load is then generated. The load is subsequently increased until the fork arms actually undergo plastic deformation and ultimately break. It is thus possible to identify what material reserves are still available and to use the way in which it broke for further product optimisation. The TÜV test must indicate slow deformation of the fork arms. This is our safety requirement, which is not offered to this high extent by any other form arms.