Heavy-duty fork arms

Only our patented production technique enables the production of heavy-duty at the highest possible quality, bespoke to your requirements.

  • Roller-guided forks
  • Pin-guided forks
  • Forks with level adjustment
  • Fully tapered forks
  • Stone forks
  • Cranked forks
  • Individually tailored forks
  • Up to 300 mm thickness
  • Up to 1,500 mm width
  • Up to 2,400 mm length
  • Maximum weight 5,000 kg per item

Yes. We are able to produce forks with reinforced fork spines which reduces the deflection of the blade – for efficient and safe handling of goods.

We process high strength Hardox steel in the manufacturing of our fork arms. This is unique and offers higher strength and increased safety.

Fork spine and fork blade are joined by our patented technique using electron beam welding. Hereby we are able to combine different blades and spines. Therefore countless shapes and combinations of suspensions are possible.

Our production is innovative and differs from the „classic“ method of manufacturing a fork arm. Not only do you profit from our bespoke forks, also we can offer short shipping periods.

We produce in Austria in the heart of Europe and therefore for European customers there is no shipping overseas. Further, we offer a collection ex works.  

A finite elements (FE) calculation graphically depicts tensions at a given load. Further the deflection of the fork due to the load is visualized. We provide a FE-calculation along with every delivered fork.

Product examples – heavy-duty forks

Big Fork 1B

Type Alpin – roller-guided

Big Fork 1B
This product example shows a roller-guided heavy duty fork.

We are able to manufacture all sizes in all dimensions on short notice.
Big Fork 2B

Type Alpin – roller-guided & reinforced spine

Big Fork 2B
These product examples show heavy duty forks with reinforced spine and roller-guided.

A reinforced spine reduces deflection of the blade. We are able to manufacture all sizes in all dimensions on short notice.
Big Fork 3B

Type Alpin – fully tapered fork & extra wide blade

Big Fork 3B
This product example shows a heavy duty fork with a fully tapered and extra wide blade.

The blade width may be varied from 150 mm to 2,000 mm. Flexible and according to your individual needs.
Big Fork 4B

Type Goliath – extra robust

Big Fork 4B
This product example shows a extra robust heavy duty fork. By our modular design we are able to meet your individual requirements of suspension and fork mounting.

Possible profiles:
up to 300 mm thickness
up to 1,500 mm width
up to 2,400 mm length
up to a maximum gross weight of 5,000 kg/item
Big Fork 5B

Type Alpin – pin-guided and cranked

Big Fork 5B
This product example shows a cranked heavy duty fork with pin guiding.

By our modular design every shape and different suspensions are possible.

We provide the following technical data with our offer:

Furthermore, we provide a FE-calculation with every offer.
We are looking forward to your request!