When it comes to safety, we do not compromise

Imagine a fork that never fails abrupt! Due to our patented production technique our forks will not break abruptly. We enter a new era in terms of work safety at handling goods by fork lift trucks. Zero-tolerance safety is our ultimate ambition.


Further, we set new standards in vibration resistance. To much vibration may lead to dangerous situations. We are able to tailor our forks to your individual requirements. We provide you with a FE-caltulation which tells you exactly how much our fork bends under load and this value is determined prior to production. The result is the perfect fork lift fork, bespoke to your requirements for more safety in your company.

Safety features

Needless to say, we provide you with every relevant technical data of our forks. Every bit of reassures safety and durability.


It is paramount that customers are informed about all relevant data. We advise you professionally about fork arms.

Sicherheit gabelzinken

We provide the following data along our product offer:

  • load bearing in tons per fork pair
  • load distance, measured from fork spine
  • maximum test load
  • fork tip deflection at maximum test load
  • Charpy-impact-toughness
  • hardness in Brinell
  • yield strength

Safety test

It is our ambition to produce forks at the highest possible standard to provide maximum safety. We test our forks on our test bench on every safety aspect. According to ISO 2330 that means a static load test at 2.5 to 3 times the nominal load bearing and 1,000,000 load changes at 25% overload. Upon request we are able to produce even higher safety standards at an appealing value for money.

We produce our forks:

20 J / -40°C means that at a temperature of -40°C the material properties are sustained to 80%